Green Laser Pointers

As we know Green laser pointers are 60 times brighter than the red laser pointer and Human eye is more sensitive to green color. The green laser pointer is much more noticeable than other light color and Green laser pointers are the most common type of DPSS lasers.You can get any output green Laser pointer,High Power Green Laser pointer or lower ones..The laser light can be seen clearly though a long distance.It's useful for SOS, Astronomy laser pointer to easily point out stars and constellations. will provide you reasonable price and perfect Customer service.Green laser pointer commonly used in teaching, is a modern teaching tool, equipment, teaching is the third generation laser pointer laser pointer can be written, teachers, trainers, lectures and presentations for teaching staff in project presentations are touched to such an embarrassment, you need to operate the computer while this explanation, action is restricted, very convenient. How to allow users in the teaching demonstration completely liberated, truly "go, where mentioned, talked about where, referring to where." Laser Pointer any real solution to these problems, so the speaker is completely freed. For astronomy enthusiasts, should choose how much power and how much the price of the star pen in order to meet the requirements it refers to the stars? Personally think 20mW to 50mW of power are more appropriate, 50mW more power in the room dim conditions are already being felt particularly glaring.