Laser Projectors

Laser projector laser projector is to use a laser beam to the transmission out of the screen. Wherein the laser projector's optical components are mainly red, green and blue light valves, co-beam X-prism, a projection lens and drive light valve. In the laser projector, red, green, and blue laser light. Laser in the machine after the corresponding optics and beam expander processing chip and then transmitted to the X prism integration of the three laser beams, and then by the projection lens after laser transmission will be integrated into the projector screen to complete the whole process of the laser projector displays ..Laser projectors display precise,true to scale outlines,templates,patterns or other shapes on virtually all surfaces by projecting laser lines.Laser Projectors create a starry night sky effect.With unique,high quality laser starfield projectors,you can dazzle your surroundings with gently moving star beams and colorful cloud projections.Imported data is processed into projection data and then transferred to one or several laser projectors.Projection surface may be flat or curved.LED light with laser emitting mechanism are PN junction recombination of electrons and holes (with semiconductor laser theory), while the difference is between the two internal and two FP cavity lasers, so you can keep the light in the cavity of the shock , so that the light intensity stronger, higher degree of coherence, the light emitted from the LED is relatively low degree of coherence. So the difference is: Coherent and incoherent light difference. Brightness is the power calculation, so the high-power LED still high brightness than the laser. Laser projectors certainly no harm to human body, you can imagine the damage that an X-ray, r-rays harm, these only in hospitals, research centers all laser projectors certainly did.We know that the current mainstream solution is DLP projectors and 3LCD, which 3LCD is the red, green, and blue color LCD panel, through the lens amplification and transmission out of the mirror. The work will be light through DLP color wheel rotation speed color mixing. Finally, after the transmission out of the prism. Although each has its advantages, but should be noted that these two methods are to use the lamp which there is life, and the screen brightness and color purity can only be regarded as relatively adequate.3LCD is to compensate for defects and DPL projection methods. Ie, long working life, not because of long hours of work which led screen brightness dimmed; wide color gamut, an ordinary projector's color gamut two times.We have already mentioned the previous text of the laser projector this concept has spoken for many years, related products have been listed and applications in real life. Such as the 2008 Games stadium and some outdoor cinema projection display display applications. But in office, education, home entertainment market is still rare in the laser projector.Laser projectors comprehensive performance is very good, the retail market products rarely laser projector has appeared for many years. Not emerging technology, all aspects are also very mature. While the same works Mitsubishi laser TV market this year, BenQ has launched a laser projector. More and more companies visible force in laser applications. The author believes that the future development of the laser projector will definitely accomplish much.